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Access & Location

Introduction to the Area

As you may know, Yamanashi is a car culture prefecture. 
There are so many awesome places in Yamanashi that are not accessible without cars.
At the same time, there are so many tourists from other countries having difficulties with driving in Japan, so we have made a guide to public transportation for our customers.
Parking at the hotel is free. If you have 2 or more vehicles, please let us know and we will prepare another parking spot for you.
If you come by car, our location is very convenient for exploring Yamanashi.
It is very easy access to multiple hot springs, wineries, nice local restaurants, ski resorts, golf courses, and Fuji-Q Highland amusement park.
It's far from any train station, so if you are coming by train, you will need to use a taxi or a bus.
There's a "Fuji kyuukou" bus stop within walking distance (about 3~5mins).
The bus stop is named [Misaka Golf Jyou Iriguchi / 御坂ゴルフ場入口].
This bus line connects Kofu to Kawaguchiko cities, along with a connection to Fuji-Q Highland.
It's very convenient for public transportation, and you can enjoy a lot of Yamanashi with this bus line. For those of you who enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages, this bus line also comes in handy. I myself am a frequent user.



2214 Shimokurokoma,

Misakachō, Fuefuki-shi,

TEL.055-264-2600 (Japanese Only)

How to Locate our Hotel

Nowadays, you can use Google Maps to see the best way to get to our hotel using public transportation. Google Maps will show you time tables for train and bus lines, so please use this convenient application when coming to Hotel Nizi.

Public transportation guides

Access from public transportation



How to Locate our Hotel

Nowadays, you can use Google Maps to see the best way to get to our hotel using public transportation. Google Maps will show you time tables for train and bus lines, so please use this convenient application when coming to Hotel Nizi.


[Fuji Kyuko bus official timetable]

The nearest bus stop to Hotel Nizi is “Misaka Golf-jyo Iriguchi”, after the “Shimokurokoma” stop.

Since the timetable images that are posted on this site may differ from any possible updates, it is recommended to confirm with the official site.
The hotel is a 3-minute walk from the nearest bus stop [Misaka Golf-jyo Iriguchi].
The timetable and each stop can be found on the photo at the bottom right.
It is a short walk uphill, so customers with heavy suitcases might get some tough exercise... (;'∀ `)
If you do not have a registered vehicle, this method is recommended, especially for guests arriving from abroad.

The nearest stop is Misaka Golf-jyo Iriguchi, following the Shimokurokoma bus stop.
In front of the bus stop, you will see a Chinese restaurant with an orange sign called Soshu [蘇州].

Hotel Nizi is in a remote location far from the hustle and bustle of the city and from train stations, so accessing the hotel by bus might be surprisingly useful.
Kofu Station ~ Kofu Zenkoji - Isawa Station ~ Prefectural Museum - Hotel Nizi - Misaka Ski Resort - Kawaguchiko Station - Fujikyu Highland - Mt. Fuji …. as you can see, many tourist destinations have been covered in this one bus line.
The Fuji Kyuko bus line is a direct connection all the way from Kofu Station to Fuji-Q Highland. I myself also went to Fujikyu Highland with this bus back in the day.

I also use it when frequenting bars and taverns near Kofu or Isawa Station. It is very convenient because you can feel free to drink alcohol without worrying about driving (if it becomes too late, the buses will stop running, however, so you will have to use a taxi in that case). Departure from Misaka Golf-jyo Iriguchi or the neighboring Shimokurokoma stop is available for use. Since the timetable is updated frequently, for more information please do not contact us but rather directly contact the Fuji Kyuko bus line or check the website.

Taxi | Cab | Operation Agency Service

- Operation Agency Service | Taxi -
In car culture Yamanashi, it's a must after having alcohol. 

If you drink, this service is incredibly useful for Yamanashi, a prefecture that uses personal vehicles as the primary means of transportation. If you drank alcohol or want to drink, but drove to the restaurant/bar, etc., a daikou will come in handy. This is a service where two people come in a daikou taxi, and one of them will drive you and your vehicle back to the hotel. 

Since all Yamanashi people use this service, there are many companies other than the ones listed below.
If you request a "daikou" from a staff member of the place you are drinking, they will call the daikou company that their own customers use.
  Most cars can be used from around 1500 yen within the Misaka area to around 2500 yen for Isawa etc.

  • Kuresuto Unten Daikou
    TEL : 0120-033-889

  • Isawa Daikou
    TEL : 0120-138-515

  • Fuefuki Unten Daikou
    TEL : 0120-918-114
    This one is Hotel Nizi's neighbor.

- Misaka Taxi -

  • Yuki Taxi
    TEL : 0120-623-048
    TEL : 055-262-3048

- Isawa Taxi -


- JR Isawa Onsen Station -



Get off at the JR Chuo Line station Isawa Onsen, you can access the hotel by taxi or the Fuji Kyuko bus line.
You can also come to Isawa Onsen from the Keio Express Bus Terminal from Nishi-Shinjuku. Departure - Kofu, Ryuo Line.
There is also a Toyota car rental facility near Isawa Onsen Station that you can use.

- JR Katsunuma Budokyou Station -
Taxis are always available.



- JR Kofu Station -

There's Times Rentacar near Kofu Station.

There are other rentacar shops in the area, so please ask JR information.

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