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Hotel Nizi is located on a mountainside in Fuefuki city, at the entrance of Kofu International Country Club.

It has a beautiful view of Kofu Basin, which has been ranked among the top 3 new night views in Japan.

Surrounded by peach and plum farms, these trees bloom and create a gorgeous view in the Spring. Many tourists visit to take pictures and explore the area. Spring time brings many flower festivals and events related to the famous Yamanashi priest Takeda Shingen.

Fuefuki and Koshu city are very famous places for fruits and flowers, such as peaches, grapes, and roses. The neighboring area of Katsunuma is the location of many world famous Japanese wineries. 

Autumn season is coupled with the beautiful changing leaves in the mountains of Shosenkyo.

In the winter season, many tourists visit for winter sports. It has convenient access to Kamui Misaka Ski Resort.

During all seasons, you can even do a gourmet tour of Yamanashi's unique foods.

It is a 30 minute drive to Kawaguchiko city and Fuji-Q Highland.

This page is still under construction. it will be updated soon :)

Taxi | Cab | Operation Agency Service

- Operation Agency Service | Taxi -
In car culture Yamanashi, it's a must after having alcohol. 

If you drink, this service is incredibly useful for Yamanashi, a prefecture that uses personal vehicles as the primary means of transportation. If you drank alcohol or want to drink, but drove to the restaurant/bar, etc., a daikou will come in handy. This is a service where two people come in a daikou taxi, and one of them will drive you and your vehicle back to the hotel. 

Since all Yamanashi people use this service, there are many companies other than the ones listed below.

If you request a "daikou" from a staff member of the place you are drinking, they will call the daikou company that their own customers use.

Most cars can be used from around 1500 yen within the Misaka area to around 2500 yen for Isawa etc.

- Misaka Taxi -

  • Yuki Taxi *a small local company
    TEL : 0120-623-048
    TEL : 055-262-3048


- Isawa Taxi -

Restaurants & Bars

- Fukura-Tei -
Driving distance: 5 mins
Local Izakaya Yakitori restaurant.
Open til late. Friendly staff. They have variety of local sake.
Highly recommended.

- Takeharu -

Walking distance: 17 minutes

This local eatery doubles as a restaurant and a Japanese-style bar. With a cozy interior, it offers various tasty dishes for reasonable prices.

- Kyoudo Ryouri Yone -
Walking distance: 5 mins

Open hours change by season.

Very unique local restaurant run by a local hunter. Depending upon the occasion, you can eat deer, wild boar, or maybe even bear.

- Kushiyaki Daruma -
Driving distance: 5 mins

Fuefuki's local yakitori izakaya. They have awesome yakitori (chicken skewers), a variety of all different genres of food... the torikawa (fried chicken skin) is the best! But order fast, it sells out quickly!


- Kawada Okutou Daini Bunten -
Driving distance: 18 mins

(You can also go by bus)

One of the BEST authentic Japanese restaurants. This place literally ranked #1 for local food in Japan. Japan's famous torimotsu (chicken guts: liver, heart, etc) is a very unique local food. The free refill Soba-Teishoku is highly recommended. Prices are also very reasonable.


- Soshu - [Japanese speakers only!!]
Walking distance: 3 mins
Local Chinese restaurant.
Japanese speakers only! Owners don't accept non-Japanese speakers :(
Gyoza dumplings and fried rice are very good. Other noodles are also pretty unique.

- Hops and Herbs -, Yamanashi

Driving distance: 35 mins

(You can also go by bus)

My favorite beer brewery in Yamanashi. It's owned by a man from Australia and the atmosphere has an American feel to it. Beer and food are excellent. There's also a dive bar called "Vault" nearby that is owned by the same guy. You can enjoy a game of pool or darts with awesome drinks.


- Misaka-cho, Eateries Road -
Prefectural road 311 Route Fuefuki-shi, 
About 5 minutes by bus, car, or taxi.

There are a variety of local restaurants, shops, and izakaya. The famous motorcycle shop "Apex Motors" is here also.

Hot Springs, Onsen | Resort


Hotel Nizi has been equipped with a full size private bathroom,  but there are also a lot of highly recommended day spas in Yamanashi. These hot springs are more fun and relaxed, more than those attached to a hot spring inn. The hotel manager also enjoys a daily trip to the hot springs instead of a usual bath.


- Misaka no Yu -

This is an aboveground, comparatively large hot spring. It is very pleasant and mostly empty around noon.


- Mitama no Yu -

Highly recommended. It's a little far, but it is a tourist spot that has recently become popular. The view from the open-air bath is top rate.


- Budou no Oka Tenkuu no Yu -

Highly recommended. The bath itself is not so large, but the view from the facility is top class. For wine lovers, it's an irresistible option.


- Hottarakashi Onsen -

Highly recommended. It's a touristy spot that seems to be quite crowded on weekends. The open-air bath allows you to enjoy one of Japan's top three night views. This hot spring is open from sunrise until 22:00. Since Fuji can be seen best during the day, it's a memorable experience to come here for sunrise.


- Hayabusa Onsen -


- Tsuzumigawa Onsen -


- Ichinomiyamomo no Sato Onsen -

 [Official HP] | [Google MAP]
Walking distance: 25 mins

Although it is a little far, you can take a comfortable stroll to the hot springs. Along the way, we recommend stopping for lunch at Rose Farm or Takeharu [竹春].

- Kai · Yu Park -


- Kamui Misaka ski resort -

They have a halfpipe for snowboarding. Even Japanese Olympians practice here.

- Kofu International Country Club -

Famous golf course very close to Nizi.



- Daizenji -

This temple is a national treasure. On the other hand, if you are a wine enthusiast, you should consider trying their unique, personal brand of wine.

- Kentokusan Erinji -


- Rose Farm -

Walking distance: 15 mins

Cafe of roses and cakes.


- Cairn Coffee Ichinomiya -
Yamanashi's local coffee shop.


- Rufure -

Driving distance: 10 mins
Local cafe in Isawa. Open from Lunch time. Seasonal parfait is great!!


- Haramo Wine -

This winery also has an old Japanese-style cafe.

Wineries | Souvenirs

- Kurambon Wine -
Driving distance: 25 mins


If you like sweet wine, this is the place for you!

- Budo no Oka / Vista Restaurant -
Driving distance: 25 mins

You won't find another wine cellar especially for wine tasting like this elsewhere in Japan. It's definitely worth a look! Their gift shop is specialized for Yamanashi wines.

- Haramo wine -
Driving distance: 20 mins

This winery also has an old Japanese-style cafe.

- Marswine -


- Monde wine -

You can taste various types of wine.

This list offers you a comprehensive rundown on major wineries. Try finding a winery that suits your taste best!


- Kikyouya Headqueater / Outlets -


This is famed sweets company Kikyoya’s factory and outlet. It is ideal for souvenirs, but it is recommended to come during a slow time, since the number of tourists has recently increased at an amazing rate. The outlet offers good deals on many different kinds of sweets. We recommend bellflower (kikyo) and Shingen softcream.


- 711 / ESSO Ichinomiya MIsaka SS -​
Walking distance: 5 mins

Easy to take a stroll to. You may find it to be a convenient place for shopping as it is easy to bring things back to the hotel. There is also a gas station, and you can conveniently use electronic money, such as ID and Nanaco, to pay.


- Lawson -
Walking distance: 3 mins


Super Markets​

Since Hotel Nizi does not have a restaurant, we'll introduce some nearby supermarkets for those who would like to eat in the welcoming comfort of their hotel room.

- It's More Ichinomiya -

Driving distance: 12 mins

At this shopping center, there is a grocery store, drugstore, dollar store, docomo shop, and family restaurants.


- Selva Misaka /  Laundromat -

Driving distance: 8 mins

This small shopping center has a grocery store, dollar store, drugstore, and also a laundromat.

24-hour / Late Night Restaurants

Just in case you're eating late, we’d like to introduce some nearby restaurants for that purpose.



- Barmiyan Ichinomiya -
Closes at 2am

- Ramen Yamaokaya -
Open 24 hours

- Gusto Isawa Ekimae douri -
Open 24 hours

24-hour Entertainment Area in Isawa

This is a commercial area where you can enjoy many forms of entertainment with 24-hour restaurants, karaoke, bowling, or the game center at Round 1. Close to clothing shop GU and a home center, there is also used book and CD shop Book Off. Rather than around the station, this is the main street of car culture Isawa.

National Highway Route 20 Kofu District [Google Map]


  • ROUND1   [OfficialHP]

  • Family restaurants, various taverns,
    Saizeriya, Jonathan's, Onyasai, Matsuya, Gyukaku, etc.

  • Don Quixote

  • GU

  • WINS



Kawaguchiko side,  Fujiyoshida area, Hakushu area, or other areas of Yamanashi


There are way too many awesome places to visit in Yamanashi, so I can't put all of them here. So, if you are looking for something else to enjoy, feel free to ask :)

*She doesn't translate much for me (You know who I'm talking about...) 
so This guide in Japanese has more details and Infos. So if you could read Japanese, please check Japanese side :)

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